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The Worlds Largest Appointment Setter Team Over 5,000 Appointment Setters in 1,400 USA Cities and 2 Countries USA - Philippines

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B2B Appointment Setting Services.
Appointment Setters.org  Appointment Setting helps companies increase sales by cold calling, generating qualified sales leads, and setting qualified appointments. These qualified appointments, in turn, assist you in acquiring new clients. We specialize in producing results for appointment setting campaigns, as well as B2B lead generation programs. We work with you to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces results at affordable prices. Turning results into revenue.
Outsourcing Reduces Costs & Increases Revenue. By outsourcing your cold calling, B2B lead generation and appointment setting, you will realize a significant savings in hiring, managing and providing infrastructure support, as well as, an increase in revenue. By outsourcing to us, our professional appointment setters act as your inside sales team, which allows you to focus on your core business and do what you do best

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ORDER 2,000 Appointment Setting Calls
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Merchant Account Appointment Setting Loan Programs Appointment Setting Tral Estate Agents Appointment Setting
Solar Appointment Setting Insurance Appointment Setting Home Remodeling Appointment Setting
Home Repairs Appointment Setting Landscaping Appointment Setting Advertising Sales Appointment Setting
SEO - Web Design Appointment Setting Accountants Appointment Setting
Janitorial Pest Control Water Systems
Janitorial Appointment Setting Pest Control Appointment Setting Water Systems Appointment Setting
Security Systems Heating and Air MLM Network Marketing
Travel Marketing Cable TV Debt-Collection
Property Management Business 2 Business Business 2 Consumer




Business to Business

Business to Consumer
Job Openings
Appointment Setting Positions
Solar Energy
Real Estate - Listings
Real Estate Property Manage

Advertising - Internet - Print
Financial Advisors
Water Systems
Home Remodeling
Oil & Gas
Merchant Accounts
Air Conditioning
Air Duct Cleaning
Energy Audits

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---- TESTIMONIAL-------
November 29, 2013
National Male Medical contracted with Biz10X  (AppointmentSetters.org ) the last week of September 2013 on a pay per show basis for appointments. We consistently spend over $30,000 per week on radio and newsprint advertising to get an ROI of 3 times our costs on the initial visit. For the first 8 weeks .org Appointment Setters booked 862 appointments and 684 of them have so far showed. Our ROI was 6.8 on those appointments that generated $145,350 in sales.

I highly recommend any company wanting to generate a large flow of qualified appointments to try their service and match the return on your investment and compare it to traditional advertising . For more up to date results on their appointments feel free to call me direct. 
Roy Castner, Marketing

(661) 478-6558 • roy@nationalmmc.com    NationalMaleMedicalClinics.com


At Senior Living LLC we generated a 7 x ROI  for $138,386 in New Advertising Sales in 120 days from new clients using the AppointmentSetters.org Biz10X system. We expect to generate $1 Million in additional sales using the appointmentsetters.org services and Biz10X. I encourage anyone wanting to build ther sales and sales teams to use AppointmentSetters.org. We also generated 2,133 new commission only salespeople applications with their sales team building system.
Senior Living LLC, Manish Patel President www.SeniorLivingLLC.com

Other Recent Clients
CSA Prepstar Florida Community Bank Loan Officer
CSA Prepstar Has Generated Over $1.2 Billion  in Sports Scholarships for High School Students. AppointmentSetters.org was chosen to book telephone appointments for theire sports scouts
Reaching $5 billion in assets, Florida Community Bank has grown to become the fourth-largest independent Florida-based bank with 54 banking centers. AppointmentSetters.org chosen to set appointments with leading builders.

What we do after you sign up for our Appointment Setting service.
45 Business Development Managers - March 6 2014  
33 Alain Scot     
28 Alan Gross     
25 Anai vasquez     
9  Arahmy Del Toro  
19 Bobbie Davis     
38 Brian Neal          
5  Caroline Berube  
40 Chanell Russell     
39 Chinnell Hardy     
47 David Lyons     
32 Edward Windsor    
51 Erin Moore 
35 Eulalia Cruz     
45 Eve Dawes  
7  Gerald Johnson  
27 Harry Grosardt
34 James Kewis     
41 Jessica Kuntz     
24 Jill McComb     
14 John Thomas     
17 Justin Howeth          
18 Kaytrina Lewis     
2  Keith Monen  
23 Kelly Payton
15 Levar Rooke    
10 Maggi Madison     
6  Marcia Haudenschield  
16 Mari Vinson     
43 Michael Franklin     
21 Mickele Yates     
29 Modiri Dipate 
30 Pamela Harris
46 Pamela Keys  
1  Paul Compton  
49 Paulette Crawford  
36 Sandee Gonzales     
42 Sandra PERRIER     
44 Tasia Moore     
37 Larry Smith     
22 Tiffany Wilhow     
20 Trisha Duron     
31 Toby Mckinnon     
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